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First Aid

Everyone involved in football has a role to play in making the game asenjoyable and as safe as possible. Those who hold a coaching position or have a volunteer role providing pitch side care also have a specific responsibility to provide a safe and competent level of care to any injured player.

In order to provide a safe environment in which the game can be enjoyed, pill teams should have at least one coach / volunteer who is First Aid qualified available at each training session and game.

First Aid Equipment

It is essential that first aid equipment is checked frequently, therefore ensuring sufficient quantities and all items are usable. Always replenish the contents of the first aid kit as soon as possible after use. Items should not be used after the expiry date shown on packets.

The SYFA provides guidance on the content of a first aid kit although this may need to be adapted depending on the age of players and the injuries seen most frequently.

Under no circumstances should prescription drugs be administered by first aiders or be kept in the first aid box, unless they be held on behalf of a player in case they are needed during a game or training session.

First Aid courses

SYFA Club Licensing includes the requirement that clubs have at least one person on the touchline who has sports first aid training. In order to standardise the first aid qualifications obtained, the SYFA has provided a list of criteria which the course should meet together with details of recognised first aid suppliers.


Guidance for first aiders is available on a number of topics:

  • Sudden Cardiac Arrest
  • Concussion